Tam Lundy, PhD

Tam is a seasoned consultant, educator and mentor in the field of human and social development with extensive professional experience in diverse sectors and settings, including health, human services, education and government. Over the years, Tam has led large-scale initiatives; advised and supported professionals, policy makers and grassroots change leaders; developed and delivered countless workshops and courses; and written extensively on topics ranging from community development, capacity building and engagement to human development and the challenge of change.


Tam has also taught university graduate courses in health promotion and education, and leadership for healthy change. She holds a doctorate in human and social development from the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada.


Tam’s work in social development began in the early 1970’s, when the Canadian government engaged young activists in meaningful work to strengthen communities. Later, her perspective on change-making was influenced by the global Healthy Communities movement, and further shaped by an innovative project in community-based social planning. It was during this period that Tam began to understand the connection between healthy kids and healthy communities; this perspective deepened in professional work with a variety of child and youth development initiatives. When, as part of her doctoral research, Tam began to read widely in the field of adult development, the dots connected in new and important ways; adult development is not only possible ... adult development is essential to the health and well-being of our kids and our communities. Healthy development – in kids, adults, and communities – is at the very heart of thriving.  And it’s at the heart of our work at Communities that Can! Institute, to generate a preferred future ... for kids and for adults, for our organizations and our communities.


Tam Lundy is the Director of Learning at Communities that Can! Institute.