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How Can We Support Your Work?

  • Webinars, workshops & training intensives
  • Coaching: individuals, organizations, change labs
  • Capacity building for leaders & teams
  • Keynotes & conference presentations

Workshops & Learning Events for Change Leaders and Everyday Change-makers

Topics include:

  1. Change Up! Growing our Skills to Lead Generative Change
  2. Generative Asset-Building: Everyday Actions to Promote Thriving in People & Communities 
  3. Enacting the Principles of Generative Change: Potential, Purpose, Power & Participation
  4. Generative Community Development: Working Together to Build Resilience and Response-ability

Note: Each workshop is offered as a stand-alone session, or as part of a series. And the curriculum can be customized to meet the unique needs of your organization. Contact us for more information.


Leader Training: Next-step Learning for Change Leaders

1.   Generative Asset-Building: an “assets” approach that goes that extra step, supporting our work to generate more of the life conditions that foster thriving.

2.   Collaborative Mindsight: applying insights and innovations in brain science to our problems and our potentials, in teams, in organizations, in communities.

3.    Dialectical Change Practices: new perspectives on complex change challenges, plus practices to generate a preferred future for people and communities.


Professional Development:

Practical applications of generative change in:

  • Health Promotion
  • Coaching
  • Community Leadership & Collaboration
  • Organizational and Community Development (including policy & planning)