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  1. Generative Change: A Practical Primer

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Growing Our Skills to Lead Generative Change

Generative change is a purposeful, practical “next step” change technology that promotes thriving ...in kids and adults, in organizations and in communities. And it is an important asset for change leaders and citizens who want to make a difference, even as our world grows increasingly complex.

When generative change practices are part of the change leader’s toolkit, we grow our capacity to:

  • Act on complex change challenges.
  • Discern what's most needed in this situation:
    • to fix what’s not working
    • to become more resourceful and resilient by adapting to conditions that are increasingly complex
    • to purposefully and mindfully generate a preferred future, a thriving future ... for yourself, your family, your organization, your community.
  • Apply the best-fit change technology for this change challenge: technical, adaptive or generative.
  • Engage in discussion and planning across organizations, sectors, and communities.

Most importantly, generative change approaches will help us to create a preferred future – a future we choose and create through our actions – and to leave a legacy that benefits future generations.

To learn more about generative change-making, take a look at the slideshow below: